Information for visa


• Passport valid for 6 months at least;
• Form 4-way filled in Portuguese or English;
• 4 identical images, which are not copied by the computer (3 x 4 or 5 x7);
• Copy of the passage (or printer booking) input and output in Ghana;
• Copy of Yellow Fever vaccination certificate;
• For business visa – Invitation letter from Ghana and letter of the Brazilian company indicating the reason for travel;
• For tourist visa – Invitation letter of at least one person from Ghana with name, address and telephone number;
• For official visa in Diplomatic Passport or Service – not to issue official visa in Diplomatic Passport or service is required.
• RNE copy, for foreign residents in Brazil;
• fee to be paid directly to the Embassy of Ghana:
R$ 240.00 – an entry;
R$ 400,00 – multiple entries;
Fee case of urgency: Twice the original value;
. Free – Official seen in official or diplomatic passports;
• The Embassy of Ghana does not accept checks or credit card;
• In the form ask themselves two references in Ghana with name, address and telephone number.
• Documents should be submitted to this office through a carrier, as well as the withdrawal of the passport;
• From Brazil, we have not received documents by mail or by Currier, only in person by the own applicant, broker or resident friend in Brasilia
• Starting, Foreign receive documents by DHL, FEDEX, UPS or similar.
• The visa is given within 48 hours (In case the requested documents are correct);
• Forms are available in our office or can be sent by E-mail.
• Please do not change the size of the forms;
• Do not illegible or incomplete forms will be accepted.
If you need further information, please contact us.